WVT is Providing safety is not just what the company believes in, but it is also something that it practices. As it deals with the lives of people, their safety is the company’s topmost priority. The company also strives to achieve best-in-class quality of all products through a systematic approach that emphasizes on quality at every stage of product development through manufacturing.

The company’s service and maintenance keeps the elevator in minimum down-time & provide best return of the price you pay. 24 x 7 maintenance service and 100 % technical support is guaranteed to customers. As the designer and manufacturer of the elevator, it knows the original operating specifications with the help of the technical drawings, produced material, and the installation manual. The company is there to tell the customer when to call for maintenance and get their elevators repaired.

  • Flexible and reasonable maintenance contract to ensure safe & smooth operation with less operating expenses.
  • Highly experienced Installation experts, Engineers and Maintenance Specialists for new elevators.
  • Assurance of availability and quality of all the parts manufactured by the company.


The company provides complete elevator and other parts to customers where in they get all the necessary material, based on their requirements. Customer can do the installation on his own.

Some of the key features of this business are :  techno_services

  • High quality material
  • Valuable clients
  • Free technical service available on request
  • Competitive pricing
  • Highly reliable parts