Capsule Elevator

Capsule/Observation, aptly named due to the high visibility it offers to the passengers, is a beauty in vertical motion. WVT has employed great artistry to combine aesthetics with functionality. Widely used in malls, commercial complexes, this elevator with its plush interior, soft and silent vertical motion and the bird’s eye view of the outer world it offers to the passengers is synonymous with luxury in vertical transportation.

WALL : Toughened Glass Glazed or Plain Farmed in Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

FLOORING : Laminated PVC flooring with ceramic finish

CORNERS : Stainless Steel (Black Mirror Finish)

Hand Rail : Optional

CEILING : Combination Stainless Steel Black Mirror / Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

LIGHTING : 6 no LED warm down lighters or optional design


Standard Functions

  • Down Collective control
  • VVVF drive for door operation
  • Emergency Light
  • Self diagnosis of breakdown
  • Terminal Approach slowdown for safety
  • Final Limit protection
  • Home landing
  • Automatic Rescue Device
  • Independent operation
  • Full curtain infrared door safety
  • Emergency alarm

Optional Functions

  • Voice announcement
  • Car LCD display with massage
  • Duplex control
  • Traffic regulation
  • Car call cancellation system
  • Hand rail in car
  • Mirror in car
  • Time & Temp Display
  • Full collective system
  • Car arrival gong & arrow
  • Intercom Facility
  • Clear glass door
  • Touch Screen